With my knitting project Boring Knit, I wish to challenge contemporary knitting and contribute with a mindful perspective to the knitting universe as well as the process initiated in the recipient. During the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in my work has increased, and it has become obvious that knitting is a craft used by many to calm themselves in times of difficulty. At the same time, a paradox is currently evident in the knitting world through an increasing staging on social media that feeds into a performance culture where focus is less on the craft and process and more on the many statement pieces and the staging of these.

Boring Knit is boring, and there is a reason for that! With the toned down colour palette, the small number of styles, the sharp and ironic text format and the minimalistic universe, I wish to challenge the viewer’s own role in the process and turn focus back on the unique craft that knitting is, but in a new 2021 setting.

The essence of Boring Knit is a good fit with a timeless silhouette. The common thread throughout the materials are durability and quality. The yarn is as far as possible organic.

Boring Knit is presented as a thorough experience through a specially curated knitting kit consisting of box, pattern booklets, stickers, yarn and knitting needles.

Boring Knit is not just a knitting project – it also has an enlightening aspect with the intention of getting the receiver to reflect on their own creative process. 

A boring box contains everything you need, and there are video tutorials so that everyone can join in.

-Mie Firring, Creator of Boring Knit